If you’ve had a chance to watch any of this event, I hope you’ve found it helpful and interesting.


  1. Devotional by Jongimpi Papa (Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division (SID) heading both the Ministerial and Family Ministries departments.) Worth listening to if you did not hear it.
  2. Constitution and Bylaws always bring out “interesting” discussion.
    1. Article XIII (page 43-44). Significant discussion about how GC Executive Committee members may be removed. The concern is if committee members placed on the committee by another organization, such as Union President, can be removed. Passed
    2. Page 44, Section 4. Quorum clarification. Passed
    3. Page 44, Section 7. Removal of Conference Presidents (with voice but no vote) from attending the Annual Council. Very little discussion. Passed.
    4. Page 44-45, Section (new) 7. Exemption from notification of GC Executive Committees. Passed
    5. Page 46, Article V. Electronic GC Session. Postponement and rescheduling. Passed
    6. Page 47, Section 5. Approval of electronic voting. Passed
    7. Page 47, Section 6. Process for approval of minutes. Passed
  3. LUNCH
  4. Nominating Committee Report. The 13 Division Presidents were elected. There were some changes. Most important to us, Alex Bryant is still the NAD President.
  5. Constitution and Bylaws continued…
    1. Page 48, line 36 … making language consistent  Passed
    2. Page 50, Article X11. Adding “research” to the job description. Passed
    3. Page 52, Allow the redefinition of “mission” which is misunderstood in some regions. Passed
  6. Church Manual continued.
    1. Page 70-72, Standing Nominating Committee. Passed
    2. Page 74, Replacing “re-elected” with “elected for another term.” Passed
    3. Page 75, Duties of deacons. Urging them to care for members with special needs. There was discussion about the need to ONLY have deacons which would apply to men and women. However, because it was not part of the proposal, the suggestion was received for future discussion. Passed
    4. Page 76, Duties of Deaconess. Added visitation of members. Passed (same suggestion about why deacon and deaconess when duties are much the same)
    5. Page 76 -77, Organization of Companies. Not deacons or deaconesses, but “company assistants” Discussion about this “new” position and why companies are not allowed to ordain. Observation: so tired of ordination being used so inappropriately to control and discriminate. Passed
    6. Page 79, Spirit of Prophecy Writings. Significant discussion about the need to get back to the Bible and not raise EGW to a potentially more unbalanced position than she is already in many members’ minds. Passed
    7. Page 83-87 , Youth Ministries, Mostly wording a purpose clarifying. Referred back because of age changes.
    8. Page 90, quoting full Bible passage. Passed
    9. Page 91, Membership records. Urged to keep current and omit “retired list.” Passed
  8. Church Manual – continued
    1. Page 92, Church Board Cannot Remove Names from Membership. Passed
  9. Nominating Committee Report
    1. 13 Division Secretaries and Treasures were elected. NAD Secretary: Keoshan Ahn; NAD Treasurer: Randy Robinson
    2. Associate Directors of GC
  10. Church Manual – continued
    1. Page 80-82, Possibility Ministries – Empowering all church members to work with those with disabilities and handicaps.
    2. Page 93, Church Board Cannot Grant Letters. Passed
    3. Page 94, Redemptive Membership Review. Passed
  11. Done for the day….

You may not find this helpful or interesting. I completely understand! At least it helps me stay focused and engaged during the day.

Written by Elder Ron Carlson, president of the Kansas-Nebraska Conference.