1. Are you working? What are you going to do with your degree?
  2. Have you met that special someone?
  3. Are you single? Why are you still single?  How could someone like you be single?
  4. Have you been praying for your future spouse?
  5. I know of an eligible man/woman for you; would you be interested? (Don’t play the matching game. Some people are content with their season of singleness.)
  6. Where have you been?
  7. Do you go to a church where you live?
  8. Why aren’t you married?
  9. What happen to you and so and so? Are you still together?
  10. Where is your husband/wife?


  1. Share how happy you are to see them.
  2. Ask how they are doing (leave it open for them to share what they would like).
  3. Ask what is new in their life.
  4. Ask how they are enjoying their life.
  5. Invite them home for lunch or dinner, and allow them to bring something (or ask if they would like to join your family for Christmas dinner).
  6. Tell them you pray everything is going well and you wish them a safe trip home.
  7. Ask them if they would like to join your family for a game night.
  8. Ask how their family is doing.
  9. Ask if they have a place to eat for the holidays.
  10. Ask if you can send them a care package (if they are in college).