Mornings are not my favorite part of the day. Because of my busy lifestyle as a college senior, I’m lucky if I get six hours of sleep each night. So whenever I’d try to wake up early to spend time with God, I’d find myself either snoozing the alarm or nodding off in the middle of Romans. After a couple months of groggy devotions, I started to rethink how I connected with God. Here are some ways I was able to squeeze in time with my Creator.

Music. I love to listen to music as I shower. So instead of listening to my new favorite album on repeat, I created a playlist of worship songs in my vocal range. Now I spend my showers singing my heart out to God. So grab your favorite CD and give it a try—everyone sounds good in the shower!

Podcasts. Sometimes I feel trapped in my own head with no new revelations or insights. Music falls flat and Bible verses are monotonous. This is when Christian podcasts really have time to shine. I love listening to the hosts and guest speakers discuss real-life battles, personal revelations, spiritual guidance and various other topics. With so many options, podcasts may feel overwhelming, so take a look at my favorites listed in the sidebar to help you get started.

Bible Read-Aloud. Even when I occasionally have the time to enjoy a more structured devotional session, I find myself getting distracted from my reading. So I downloaded a Bible app to my phone and started to use their read-aloud feature to engage with the text. I even have an adult coloring book I fill in while I listen to keep my attention focused.

Audiobooks. Similar to having the Bible read aloud, I also enjoy listening to devotional books or other biblical literature. Do you have a favorite author or series that really engages you? There’s a good chance it comes in audiobook format. Some publishers even sell packages of both the physical book and the audiobook on CD. There are also plenty of websites that offer audiobooks electronically, my personal favorite being Audible.

Bible Verse Memorization. Recently I started picking a Bible verse to memorize each day. I spend my morning routine with the verse pulled up on my phone or highlighted in my open Bible, and then I try to have it memorized by the time I get to work or class. Usually it sticks in my head for the rest of the day, allowing me time to really dig deep and reflect on its meaning whenever I have some free moments.

Ways to Listen to the Bible

The Bible app by YouVersion (iOS and Android): In addition to reading the Bible aloud from over a dozen versions and in 47 languages, the Bible app has a powerful search feature, highlighting options, and devotional plans. This is the website companion to the Bible app. Enjoy all the features of the app from the comfort of your computer. There are also videos you can view, ranging from dramatized biblical stories to even a series on how to read the Bible.

Bible on CD: Visit your local ABC or Christian bookstore for various Bible versions available on CD.


Pray the Word with David Platt: Enjoy these short daily meditations on God’s Word that not only drive us to pray, but drive how we pray. These four-to-six-minute-long episodes are the perfect way to start your morning.

Proverbs 31 Ministries: Hosted by the non-denominational women’s ministry Proverbs 31, this podcast will grow your perspective and help you learn how to connect with others in different seasons of life.

Online Audiobook Services Listen chapter-by-chapter to a vast variety of works by Ellen G. White and other Adventist pioneers for free. This online collection of Bible-based media content is available to stream and download for free. Listen to an inspiring devotional, stories of spiritual battles, works from your favorite author and more!

Autumn Mott Rodeheaver is a senior communication major at Union College.