When people give their lives to Jesus, they are a new creation. 2 Cor. 5:17 states, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” Since my favorite conversation is talking about Jesus and how good He is to us, I share Jesus with many people, including people at my secular workplace.  

Somewhere along the way, I realized I spent a lot of my daytime hours at work, so I wanted them to be pleasant hours. I refer to the people in my workplace as my work family. 

God knows how He can use us, and here are a few ways God has used me to witness for Him in the secular workplace to help others have a closer relationship with Him. 

My story

Currently, I am working part time for the State of Nebraska. I’ve been on this job seven months and everyone at work is aware I love God and am a Seventh-day Adventist.

In 2017, I had retired—because of an almost fatal car accident—from the Federal Government with 31 years of service, which included three years of military service. The accident took place in 2015 and the police at the accident said seven people saw a person in the car with me who later disappeared completely from the scene.

I thank God He had seven people to verify He sent an angel to save my life that day in a miraculous way. My heart had been displaced, 13 of my ribs were broken, and my pelvis was crushed. I was dying, I could barely breathe, but I did not feel any real pain.

Immediately after the accident, I couldn’t talk or walk. However, I was able to return to work seven months later. I worked for eight months until I could get both a retirement check and a Social Security check at age 62. After being retired for two years, I took the part-time job so I would not have to work on Sabbath.

car accident

 The first day on my new job, I was told the preference was that I would not wear jeans to work. On my jobs, most people wear casual business pants and so did I until my accident. This gave me the opportunity to tell about how God saved my life in the car accident. I explained to my supervisor I would be wearing a dress each day because dresses were more comfortable for me since I had a metal plate inside me due to my crushed pelvis. I also mentioned that I was capable of doing almost everything I was able to do before the accident occurred.

Wherever I work, I usually pray for each person on my job by name as I drive to work. I let them know I am praying for them and I tell them that I pray they do a good job at work and grow closer to God. They usually appreciate that I am praying for them.

One day a person said, “I know Eula prayed for me this morning, so everything will be okay.” I was blessed by her comments that day and she was blessed because I had indeed prayed for each one of them that morning while driving to work.

Seeds of kindness

As a Federal employee, I learned that I could talk about God in my cubicle area.  I had the Bible, God’s Answers to Your Questions, and Steps to Christ in my office area. People would come and ask questions about the books and ask me to pray for their needs. At organizational functions, I would be asked to say the blessing for the food. The blessing could be offered voluntarily and not by a supervisor.

In 2014, I was in my own office area which had a door. People were still in cubicles, but most of the lead persons had office doors. One of my coworkers from another group did a good job at work, but she was criticizing management and causing some friction. 

I was concerned for her. She called herself an atheist, so I asked her why she put her two children in a Catholic school and prayed with them. She said that was her way of controlling them. She also wanted another job and was having a hard time finding a position.

One day I saw her almost in tears, so I told her that prayer and doing a good job worked together—it takes both. Since I know prayer works, I told her I would pray for her to get a different job. Both she and management would be happy with this outcome.

She agreed for me to pray for her. I also told her she could do her phone interview in my office area since I had a door for privacy. She got the position she was seeking, and went to a Christian book store and bought me Christian thank you gifts. One even had a Scripture on it. I felt like I was her only Christian contact and God helped me plant seeds of His love for her.

Just pray …

In 2010 we had three people in a cubicle with one lead person to help with questions (I was that lead person). I heard that some employees were wondering how this group was going to work because there was a Christian person—me—and a person on the team who had worked there a long time who frequented adult clubs. I told that person I would pray for him that God would bless him to live for Him again.

He used to be a Sunday school teacher, but when his marriage ended in divorce he started going to adult clubs. By the time we changed groups again, he was no longer going to the clubs and he was taking his tithe to church with him. God knows how to use others to bring back those who have gone astray.

Amazing leadership

In 2004, to get a raise to help pay for Adventist college for my children, I went to a three-month course that was equivalent to 15 hours of graduate study at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. It was known to be a tough course, and I asked God to keep me from working on the Sabbath since we worked in groups on the weekend. My group decided to work on Sunday because they preferred to shop on Saturday. Praise God! He had taken care of the Sabbath issue for me.

One of my written and oral presentations required us to pick a positive leader for the military, whether the person was in the military or not. I picked Jesus, but the instructors tried to discourage me because I had to make Jesus fully man and could not mention any of His fully God characteristics nor any of His miracles. I was told everyone else had failed who picked Jesus.  

God helped me be the first to get a good grade portraying Jesus as a leader for the military. I really did not have much of a choice because I knew Him better than I knew any other leader in history.

A leader always has followers, so I mentioned how Zacchaeus’ life in the Bible was changed and he became a follower; how we still date our time by the life of Jesus, using AD and BC; how the Bible is His biography and His testimony for His followers; and how we have chaplains in the military today to help soldiers know they have a great leader in Jesus. Over 2,000 years have passed and Jesus still has followers, even in the military.

After the presentation, a person told me she had not attended church for 20 years, but had decided to go back because I did not preach to her. She said the part that touched her most was when I said, “Being a follower of Jesus does not mean you do everything right; it means you have a desire to do everything right.”

God has so many people He wants to have a closer relationship with Him. I pray each of us allows ourselves to be available to be used for His purpose, even in our secular workplaces.

By Eula Key