It certainly wasn’t suppose to be this way.  Death, grief and pain were not a part of God’s plan.  We were created for life and for close communion with Jesus.  We were not meant to suffer, we were meant for a perfect life.

Thanks to Eve and Adam our life was changed forever.  Just think that first sin changed everything.  It opened a life to sin and darkness, death and sickness.

The questions that comes to mind –Why?  Why me?  Why this?

So often we think if we stay close to God nothing bad will happen to us or maybe we think if we don’t stay close to God he will point his punishing finger at us and zap us with bad things to make us realize we need to spend time with Him.

The funny thing is in the New Testament the scribes and Pharisees seemed to think exactly like we do.  They thought  if anyone was ill they were being punished for a sinful life.

The truth is life isn’t as cut and dried as we want to make it.  We can’t point at a certain trouble and assign blame.  There is too much we can’t see and don’t understand.

Sin does destroy, it maims, and it cuts us off from the life we need.  We are all sin sick.  I like the way Joanna Weaver puts it–Our transgressions, if not confessed and dealt with, separate us from God, causing the love-doubt that haunts our nights and clouds our days.

We don’t have to life like that, we must agree with the diagnosis, Jesus has already provided the cure.