With Jan. 9 being National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, the Watertown Church wanted to let their local law enforcement officers know how much the church members appreciated them. They did this in a couple of ways. The first was by placing a large vinyl banner in the front yard of the church saying, “Thank you to the men and women in Blue.”

Secondly, parishioners invited the police chief and his assistant, and any other officers who were able to come, to their church service on Jan. 7. During the service, a couple members of the congregation shared their testimony of thankfulness in specific situations for local police officers. Assistant Police Chief Ryan Remmers shared how he became an officer of the law and what it means to him. Being in the church was a particularly special opportunity for Officer Remmers as he had attended church in this building for 20 years prior to the Adventists purchasing it.

A plaque was presented to him on behalf of the Watertown Police Department that read, “In recognition of Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, the Watertown Seventh-day Adventist Church presents this award to the Watertown Police Department in appreciation for their dedication to our community. In an often thankless job, where going above and beyond the call of duty is the norm, please know that we recognize and appreciate your hard work and sacrifice. Your friends at the Watertown Seventh-day Adventist Church pray for you.”  In addition to the plaque, 60 hardcover devotional books, Jesus Calling for Law Enforcement, were given to the department—enough for each officer to have one.

At the fellowship dinner afterward, members each had an opportunity to express their appreciation in person. It was a special day, and in addition to the prayers for the safety of each officer, the church members’ prayer for each of them and their family members is to find the devotionals a blessing. They hope the book will show God’s infinite love for them personally and find them in the kingdom when He returns.