A marriage retreat hosted by the Enterprise and Salina district in Kansas, took place on Feb. 17-18. Pastor Michael Halfhill, lead pastor of the Piedmont Park Church in Lincoln, Nebraska, was the guest presenter. The retreat drew about 15 couples, as well as singles and young people interested in improving their relationships.

Pastor Halfhill proved to be a dynamic and engaging speaker who was able to connect with those in attendance. He tailored his presentations to be relevant to everyone, regardless of age, background or relationship status. During the retreat, he covered a wide range of topics including communication, conflict resolution, finances, relationship roles and intimacy. His insightful and practical advice was well received, and many attendees commented on how helpful they found his presentations.

The retreat concluded with a recommitment ceremony and a special dinner for all attendees. The ceremony was a touching moment for couples to reaffirm their commitment to one another, and the dinner provided an opportunity for everyone to socialize and share their experiences from the retreat.

The Enterprise and Salina district marriage retreat provided a safe and supportive environment for couples to come together, learn from each other, and strengthen their relationships. The event was a testament to the importance of investing time and effort in relationships and the positive impact that doing so can have on our lives.