Adventist Campus Ministries is active on NDSU campus

Hector “Rick” Melendes, a recent graduate of Union College, is campus pastor of Adventist Campus Ministries at North Dakota State University located in Fargo, North Dakota. He is assisting Elder Darrel Lindensmith, the campus apologetics outreach coordinator.

For nearly four years Adventist Campus Ministries has ministered to more than 15,000 students on the NDSU campus. The potential to minister to many hundreds more from around the world, plus scores of Adventist youth, is momentous.

Free books and other literature are given to students who sign up for a newsletter that notifies subscribers of sponsored speakers and other ministry events. Pastor Rick is on campus making contacts, praying and studying Scripture with interested students. The eventual goal is to plant an Adventist Campus Church and Ministry Center on or near the NDSU campus.

Please pray for campus ministries on secular campuses everywhere, and send names and phone numbers of Adventist students from the Mid-America Union attending NDSU to Elder Lindensmith at 701.391.9131 or

This article was written by Elder Darrel Lindensmith, pastor of the Fargo (ND) Church. It was also published in the November 2014 print edition of OUTLOOK.