You may be wondering what in the world is Trans Global Amnesia.  I had never heard of it until a few weeks ago.  Here’s what happened; it was Monday morning and I  told my man to be sure and not eat anything because the next day he was having a routine colonoscopy.  When he asked me when we had decided to do that, I started to wonder.  I reminded him that all of our children and grandchildren had been here and that’s why we waited to have the dreaded test done.  He could not remember that the kids had been here.

I ran to the my office where I keep important information and found the things to ask if you think someone is having a stroke like, stick out your tongue, smile, hold your arms up.  He could do it all.  I ask him my name, his name, what day it was, he knew it all but he could not remember that we had had lunch with the kids, or that we took  them to the airport. 

I called my son in law M.D. and asked him what he thought, the smarty pants told me it sounds like a thing called Trans Global Amnesia but that I should take him to the ER just in case.

After many tests we came home with the diagnoses of TGA, it is a crazy thing that rarely ever happens again it can last for days, his lasted about 30 minutes. He is as normal as ever LOL. If you are curious, Google TGA and read about it.

Why am I telling you this?  Because I want you know when it happened my life passed before me.

At the hospital they asked me if I had power of attorney, I didn’t even know what that was.  Now I know we need to get some things taken care of, like a will, power of attorney and probably some things I don’t even know about.

I don’t know how to take care of the hot water heater, furnace, AC, water softener, humidifier, water purifier filters, sprinkler system. I don’t know when the taxes are due or the car tags.

He does not know how to do banking on line and he’s not much of a cook but I suspect if something happened to me he would quickly find someone to cook for him. LOL

This TGA has made me want to take better care of him, watch over him and pray for him more than usual.  He is an important part of who I am and I didn’t really realize it until that moment that he couldn’t remember.