Sandro Sandoval

Sandro Sandoval was born and raised in Peru, the son of church workers. He witnessed firsthand the dedication required of every member of the family when the father is called to pastoral ministry. Sandoval went to Peruvian Union University in Lima and studied theology. He served the church in ministry in Peru and Ecuador before coming to the United States to complete his studies. He graduated from Union College in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in religion and pastoral care.

While a student at Union he met and married his wife, Sarah. Together, they have two children, Stella and Sebastian.

Sandoval was invited to serve as student pastor at the Grand Island Hispanic Church by Pastor Alejandro Dovald. He continued to serve as Pastor Dovald’s assistant until 2013 when the conference invited him to be pastor of the Grand Island and Lexington Hispanic churches, as well as the Community Church in Fairfield, Nebraska.

In 2017 Sandoval completed his master of divinity degree at Andrews University and returned to Kansas-Nebraska Conference with his family to serve as pastor of the Columbus, Neligh and Norfolk district.

Sandoval has expressed his philosophy of ministry as “Glory to God and service to man.” He is interested in intercultural ministry and children’s spirituality. His family enjoys spending time together in ministry and in recreation. Stella and Sebastian love to travel, and Sandoval enjoys finding creative ways of using technology to reach people with the good news of Jesus’ imminent return.

Sandoval was ordained on Sept. 28, 2019, in Columbus, Nebraska.

Mark Magnusson

While attending Central Michigan University to pursue a degree in business administration to become a PGA golf club professional, Mark Magnusson discovered the Adventist Church. Responding to a flyer for a Bible prophecy series, he and a friend showed up at the Mount Pleasant Church. Convicted by what he learned, Mark was baptized in 1996.

After graduating from college, he had more time for deeper Bible study and a more serious commitment. He was rebaptized in 1998. During those years God planted a desire for pastoral ministry in his heart, but for 14 years he pushed this calling aside.

While in Florida Mark met pastors Phil and Brenda Johnson through a small group Bible study and playing golf. Phil recognized Mark’s heart for pastoring and encouraged him. About the same time a friend from church told Mark she wanted to introduce him to his “wife” Claudia. After an inauspicious first meeting, Mark and Claudia became good friends, and were married in February 2014.

Soon after, Mark and Claudia left Florida because he accepted a Bible worker position with the Iowa-Missouri Conference. In March 2015, Mark was invited to the Kansas-Nebraska Conference to become the pastor for the Chadron, Crawford and Hemingford district.

They accepted the call and have found pastoral ministry rewarding. Magnusson recently completed his Master of Arts in pastoral ministry degree as well. He says, “I may have a ministry degree, but I have lots more to learn and experience being a pastor.”

Magnusson was ordained on Oct. 5 at the Chadron Church in Nebraska.

Mark Tamaleaa

Mark Tamaleaa was born and raised in American Samoa. His parents wanted him to experience life in an Adventist boarding academy, so they sent him to Thunderbird Academy in Arizona.

While an academy student, the local youth director—Hubert Cisneros—hired him to work at the youth camp. His gifts and talents were first engaged to introduce young people to Christ that summer.

He earned a BS in education from Southwestern Adventist University and has a master’s degree in educational administration and Master Guide status in Pathfinders.

In 22 years of denominational service he has served as a youth pastor, teacher, chaplain, dean, principal and conference youth director.

Mark and Mindy were married in December of 1996, and every summer since have served at youth camps. They have four children and are passionate about ministry.

Pastor Mark serves as an associate pastor at the New Haven Church. Each Sabbath you will find him in the lobby welcoming guests and members. During the week he often works in the church’s food pantry serving the community. He is leading the effort to restart the church’s Pathfinder Club, and their home is always open for one-on-one spiritual counsel as well as weekly spiritual and social gatherings of young adults.

“I have a burden to let others know they are loved and accepted, especially young adults who are trying to find a place and make their voice heard in this world,” says Magnusson. “I tell them Jesus is building your forever home right now and He longs to welcome you home.”

Mark was ordained Oct. 21 at New Haven Church in Overland Park, Kansas.

Edited by John Sweigart, VP of administration for the Kansas-Nebraska Conference.