Today I’m sharing three truths I return to when things are difficult and the end is not yet in sight:

God is on my side.
Why is this so hard to believe? Because we live in a structure of illusions designed to convince us She isn’t. But God, the universe, angels, nature…they’re all rooting for us and aiding us toward wellness. Did you know Teddy Roosevelt went into nature to heal his soul after losing his wife and mother within a short period of time? He started the national parks because nature can minister to us, speaking of God’s love for us in the gifts She made. It’s hard not to feel God’s love when you’re warmed by sunshine, hear bird song, or feel water holding you as you float on it’s surface.

I was made to heal. The struggles we encounter on our path are real and deal heavy blows. Our souls and bodies suffer as a result and the suffering doesn’t magically stop when we’re physically or chronologically past a painful event. But when we keep walking, we’ll find opportunities for healing. Healing is part of the gift of redemption. It’s not just an eternal destiny, it’s life blood that brings back parts of us sin has tried to kill. God’s kingdom begins now, regenerating us.

Everything I do helps. The hardest part of hope is believing I can take myself where I need to go. Sometimes I don’t know how to get there and sometimes I know how, but can’t muster the courage or energy or brainpower to do it. But no effort is wasted. Even when we do things that aren’t helpful, we are learning what not to do. When we drink water, when we say no to a commitment we know is too much, it all helps. If we want to have faith and believe God has given us a path and a purpose, we need to celebrate all the good things we have managed.

God is in this for the long haul.

She’ll never leave you or forsake you. She’s started something in you and intends to finish it.

God who began the good work within you will keep right on helping you grow in his grace until his task within you is finally finished on that day when Jesus Christ returns.  -Phillipians 1:6