What if you met a stranger and instead of them saying:

“OH…you’re an Adventist. You don’t eat pork.” Or, “You’re an Adventist, you go to church on Saturday right?”

BUT instead they said, “Oh, you’re an Adventist, you’re those people who follow Christ.”

I’d say mission accomplished. The most important label I want to have is to be known as a follower of Christ.

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and the rest shall be added unto you.”

This is one of the insights I got while at the One Project in Seattle this past week. The overall theme was “Jesus.All.” Each speaker put out the fact that Christ loves us, all of us. This repetitive drumming in my ears finally left me at the end of the conference with a stronger belief than ever before, that yes, God loves me more than I can imagine.

This is the kind of love that you receive and keeps on giving. The acceptance of who I am was healing to me. To pour out my views and have them respected. To hear topics never discussed outside of a close knit circle of friends. To be real. Genuine. Open. My heart has held onto this.

Understanding more of God’s love for me is life changing. It’s bubbling over more into my daily conversations and actions. I want Christ to not be a part of my life, but to BE my life.

Will I go to another One Project? Maybe. What I do know is that God’s used it to give me some long needed healing and perspective about Christ.