Movie Review of The Green Hornet – Starring Seth Rogen and Directed by Michael Gondry

I saw this movie last week on a Monday night after being prompted to go via FaceBook post. My friend Addison and his two brothers, Sawyer and Paxton, went out last minute to go see the movie at our closest local theatre, Edgewood.

At the beginning of the movie, Britt Reid (Seth Rogen), is shown being taken to his father’s office in the newspaper publishing building after getting into a fight at school. Dan Reid is a busy man with not nearly enough time for his son. Twenty years later Britt is grown up and still living with his father. Aside from partying and bringing home a new girl every night, Britt is a brat. A self-centered son that’s accustomed to being catered to. He never appears to love or have much of a care for his dad. If anything, its quite the contrary. So when Dan Reid is fatally stung by a bee, not a tear is shed from the eyes of his son.

Soon after his father’s death, Britt meets and becomes quick friends with the family chauffeur, Kato, an Asian man with a knack for cars, science, and martial arts. Throughout the movie, Kato is shown being the mastermind behind all the technologies used by the dynamic duo. One of the first things Kato shows Britt is the gadget-loaded bulletproof car he’d been commissioned by Dan Reid to construct. Later that night they take the car out, while being heavily intoxicated, and the events that occur lead Britt to be known as The Green Hornet. You’ve gotta see the movie if you want to know what happens! (or just ask me) (Nah, go see it)

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie. It had hysterical comedy combined with impressive combat and coupled with incredible effects. I’d say that this movie, in general, would appeal to a younger audience. However, whoever you are, be prepared for some rough language, intense action/violence at times, and some potentially suggestive themes. I mentally applauded the way they went about showing Kato’s fighting abilities. He slows down time in his mind so that he can “lock on” to the nearby enemy weapons, enabling him to focus and then disarm them. I loved it.

So despite its cliche superhero story and blatant offensiveness (depends on perspective), it proved to be a highly entertaining film that kept my friends and I doubled over in laughter and wide-eyed with amusement many times. Lemme know what you think if you go see it!