Live life to the fullest that’s the motto our friend Ron Scott has.  He is a natural born athlete and a real people person.  The term, “he never met a stranger” certainly applies to him.

Ron is as friendly as the day is long, he loves people and people love him.  He loves Jesus, he carries his Bible most every where he goes and reads it often.  He laughs easily and finds humor in most anything.  He is a good listener and loves to have a good visit.

Ron has a wide range of interests, he was a social worker, barber, school principal, youth director, education director and hospital chaplain.  He is a family man and loves his wife, children and grandchildren who call him Ronpa.

My heart is heavy as I write this post because Ron is fighting for his independence.  By this I mean, he is in the hospital with his family gathered around him.  They are waiting for the next miracle to happen.  Ron was in a skiing accident on Sunday and now has two rods and 11 screws in his back. As of right now he has no feeling in his legs.

Please pray with me that God will continue to work miracles in Ron’s life.  The most amazing thing to me is as Ron was waiting for the ski ambulance to pick him up he was praying to God and letting Him know he was okay with this if it would make a difference in someone’s life.  WOW where does one get this kind of unselfish attitude?