I said a word in innocence
But got to thinking last night
I overuse the word alright
But really, what is alright?

it’s not alright
When life gets tough
the tough are nowhere in sight
It’s not alright
That the weak get weaker
because the strong wont stand up and fight

It’s not alright
We soak up the world
then wonder what happened to our lives
it’s not alright
we aim to get rich
I forget, what is it money buys?

Its not alright
We all want children
Yet groan about things getting worse
It’s not alright
We fight all sense
And put selfish desires first

it’s not alright
we believe in a lie
The moment its introduced to our mind
it’s not alright
Were so quick to guide
yet walk so unbelievably blind

it’s not alright
when things go wrong
we point our blames at God
it’s not alright
we ignore him completely
then act like hes not doing his job

its not alright
there are those on high horses
when others are down in the dirt
its not alright
that so many claim pain
when others actually hurt

it’s not alright
we dont look out for each other
we’d rather exalt ourselves
it’s not alright
that so many suffer
While others are more than well

It’s not alright
That i cant speak
when speaking is required of me
it’s not alright
that i cant sleep
When sleep is all i think i need

It’s not alright,
Its solid truth.
Chaos hides in plain sight
Lord forgive us
Our wandering eyes
Help us focus again on your might

The spirit is willing
but the flesh is so weak
open our eyes in the night
let us see truth
through your eyes Lord
So truth can be seen in your light

Caleb Osvold 3-8-18


Caleb Osvold was born and raised in Minnesota, but never turns down an opportunity to travel. This has led him to experience almost all central and western states, as well as three countries in South and Central America. He thoroughly enjoys every minute of adventure, and refuses to ignore the undeniable evidence of Christ’s character in the nature around him. One particular and continual lesson in love is shown to him through his dog, Cronos. God saw fit to bless him with company in a time in life when it was most needed. And He thanks God for him every day.
Caleb has been writing since he was quite young, and has always had a deep passion for the written word. He firmly believes—that in his case at least—there are some expressions and emotions that can only be written. And for the past many years he has been doing just that. Expressing emotion in the only way he knows how— writing it down.