Amira Davis was an eighth-grade student attending public school in Alamosa, Colorado, when
her pastor approached her and encouraged her to attend a free weekend event at Campion
Academy in Loveland, Colorado called Academy Days. Accepting this invitation would end up
having a major impact on her life. “Honestly, I didn’t really know anything about Campion, and
I didn’t have plans to attend,” she recalls. “The pastor just told us there was going to be this
fun and free event, so I decided to go. When I went, I saw how much fun it was, and how easy
it was to make friends in that environment. Ultimately, that’s why I decided to go to Campion.”

Now in her second year at Campion as a sophomore, Davis says “Coming to Campion definitely
affected my academics in a positive way. There were a lot of things in school that I felt I
struggled with, and when I came here, I got more personalized help. Being here has helped me
focus on my academics, my GPA, and my goals for the future.”

Davis has also appreciated the focus on spiritual growth at Campion. “I definitely have more
opportunities to connect with Jesus than I would at any other school,” she commented.

Campion Academy is once again preparing to open its doors to interested students during its
annual Academy Days on April 12 and 13. Academy Days is designed to give prospective
seventh through eleventh-grade students the opportunity to visit classes, stay a night in the
dorm, eat “cafe” food, tour the campus, make some new friends and just get a feel for academy

Students attending Academy Days typically come from all over the state of Colorado, and many
other states as well, including Wyoming, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Texas. The theme this
year is “He Knows Me By Name” and is featuring virtual-reality station games, an ice cream
outing, awesome mixers, games and tons of food.   “This event not only introduces students to
academy life, but it is designed for students to have a great time and make new friends,”
comments Jessica Rios, Enrollment Director. “Most importantly, visitors experience what it
means to be surrounded by vibrant young Christians in our Christ-centered campus.”
In addition to having fun, students are also given the opportunity to apply for scholarships in
multiple areas, including writing, art, music, and service. Robyn Quillin, from Cortez, Colorado,
attended last year’s Academy Days and won a scholarship for Christian Service for the volunteer
work she had done at nursing homes and through Pathfinders. While she was already planning
on attending Campion before the visit, she discovered, “It was a great way to get some
scholarship money to help me attend, and it was fun to see all the different activities they have
at Campion. It also made it easier to come this year because I got to know other students
beforehand.” While some scholarship competitions happen on-site, most need to be applied
for by April 4, and can be found on the Academy Days registration home page.

Campion Academy provides students with a rigorous academic environment grounded in a
Biblical worldview. Students not only gain a top-quality education but are encouraged to grow
their faith in Christ in every aspect of academy life.
For more information and to register, visit

Jill Harlow
Communication Director
Campion Academy