Female Army Personnel in an old barrack looking in a direction in vintage feel

Each year the students of Chris Blake’s sophomore-level editing class at Union College produce the February issue of OUTLOOK. Since our overall theme for 2014 is discipleship, we asked the students to share, through their own experiences, what discipleship means to them.

The following article was written by Maggie Dorn, a sophomore graphic design major from Albuquerque, New Mexico. To view the print version (designed by Steven Foster) see page 11 of the February 2014 issue, available at outlookmag.org/print-issues


That familiar gritty feeling overwhelmed me. I had worked through the night on duty. Relieved that I was done roaming barren walkways in the dark, I exited the cold, concrete building. The sky began to lighten and all the color reminded me of a ripe peach. My senses awoke as I breathed in the aroma of a dark roast. Perfect. I’ll grab my fix before heading to work.

“Hey you! Come here!” I looked over at a shorter Marine, who no doubt out ranked me. “Yes sir?”

“Go fix yourself. You look like hell.” Sure. Let me go do that instead on my 15 minute break. Rather than enjoying a hot coffee, now I was the one steaming.

From head to toe I fashion myself to look the part. I smooth my curls into a sleek bun, portraying a clean image. My uniform is pressed and free of stains. My face bears no makeup. I do not recognize the plain-Jane girl looking back at me. But, to everyone else, this is who I am.

Inside I cannot wait to remove my uniform and don my usual self. God knows. He is certain of my choices and has faith in my ability to follow Him. God is different because He does not judge my outward appearance. This is why my relationship with God just works. He does not command me to hide my mane. He does not require that I forego my personality or my style. He has given me the gift of free will when my occupation has stripped me down to just a uniform. I know He wants me to develop my own style. He is happy when I am happy.

The job of a serviceperson requires discipline in both appearance and demeanor. The job of following God is no job at all. He does not demand I follow Him. This is my God and discipline is no sacrifice when it comes to my faith in Him.