School started on Aug. 24 with temperature checks, in-building masking and 20 seconds of soapy hand washing.

The safety of our students and their families, along with the quality and accessibility of their education, were diligently weighed. Both the Minnesota Conference guidelines and the current CDC guidelines were carefully considered and implemented before the first child entered the classroom on Monday morning.

The kids themselves have been eager to get back to school and be around their friends, even if it means sitting six feet apart. While physical distancing does cut down on extraneous whispering, it has not affected the cheerfulness and participation on the students in this year’s school experience.

The year’s first art project was held outside, and the students always looked forward to recess on the park-like grounds of the school.

Rudy Carlson, Stone Ridge principal says; “The 2019-2020 school year was unprecedented. With the onset and rapid spread of COVID-19, we found ourselves moving to an online model of teaching. While our staff and families were flexible and made the best of the situation, there is no question that it was less than ideal. As we move into the beginning of the new school year, there are still many unknowns and uncertainties surrounding the coronavirus. One thing however is a certainty; and that is we feel blessed to be able to start this school year live and in person.”