The Kansas-Nebraska sponsors a prayer conference at the Lied Lodge in Nebraska City in the spring of each year. Formerly known as The Revive Us Again Prayer Conference, this event is changing names and reaching out to young families.

In 2022 Sue Carlson developed and implemented the Kids Connection, a prayer experience for children ages 10-12 for the children of those attending the prayer conference. “We want children, parents and grandparents—people of all ages—to know the joy and comfort that comes from a deep personal connection with Jesus,” says Virgil Covel, prayer ministry leader for the Kansas-Nebraska Conference. “The Kids Connection was active, fun and practical. It was a fantastic opportunity for children to learn and practice prayer and to experience what it means to have personal time with Jesus.” For the spring of 2023, Carlson plans to expand the Kid’s Connection to include a larger number of children.

Covel says that this coming spring will be a spiritual retreat for all ages focused on taking time with Jesus in personal and private prayer and worship. “Jesus, and having a relationship with Him, is the first last and primary focus of our prayer conferences and will be the focus as we move forward in planning a spiritual retreat experience for all ages in the spring of 2023,” added Covel. “We are changing the name to “Rest and Connect: A spiritual retreat and prayer experience for children and adults.”