The Mountain View Adventist Church in Longmont, Colorado, recently concluded a three-week outreach series with seven individuals publicly declaring their commitment to Jesus through baptism on April 23.

The series, sponsored by the Hispanic group at the church, featured Daniel Miranda from Columbia.

The gatherings included several community members, some of whom learned about the meetings by traversing by the church.  Tim Jones, Mountain View Adventist Church pastor, recalls such a visitor.

“We had a gentleman walk by the church a week before the meetings started and he came inside where we were having a prayer meeting. This gentleman said that he felt impressed to stop and come in. He was a practicing Baptist, but had recently had difficulty reconciling the Sabbath with what he had been taught.”

Jones continued, “This gentleman came to the meetings—every one of them—and decided to accept the love of God that is demonstrated in His word and become a part of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It was a privilege to baptize him.”

Church members are studying with five additional individuals who attended the series in preparation for a future baptism.

The Mountain View members plan to hold several community outreach gatherings and another series of Bible meetings in the fall.

“We are praying for God’s grace to be extended and accepted by the people in our community,” Jones added.