Karen Fettig, president of Beneath Our Wings, a nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating human trafficking in Wyoming and educating the public to recognize and report such crimes, will be conducting her second annual trail ride by mule in the fight against human trafficking. A member of the Worland Adventist Church, Karen has a passion for helping people, especially victims of abuse and trafficking.

Last year, Fettig rode from the Wyoming-Montana border to the Wyoming-Colorado border. This year, she plans to ride from the Wyoming-South Dakota border through North Dakota all the way to the Canada border. The trip, which will begin in a few weeks, as weather permits, is being mapped out and the mules are being readied for the journey. A recent fundraiser held on Facebook to help cover the costs of this journey, has so far raised $1,020.

Fettig says, “Thank you everyone for your generosity and support of Beneath Our Wings. The plan is to traverse the country toward Canada as time, weather and circumstances allow, starting in a couple of weeks. Human trafficking is growing, and Beneath Our Wings Ministry helps educate people by raising awareness of this crime against humanity, teaching the public what to look for, and evaluate how we need to protect our children.”

If you want to help in some way, contact Karen at wyorose689@gmail.com, visit the Facebook page at facebook.com/BOWMWY, or support the cause by making a donation online (beneathourwings.com/donate).

Samantha Nelson is co-founder/CEO of The Hope of Survivors, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting victims of clergy sexual abuse and educating clergy and congregations.