“Science class is fun!” declared Sebastian Garner, grade one.

At Brighton Adventist Academy, kindergarten and first grade students were gearing-up for the school’s Spring Program, which would include science projects from the entire PreK-10 student body.

This year, our young scientists have explored a variety of units, such as the plant kingdom, animal kingdom, human anatomy and physiology, healthy choices, and several STEM units.

The enthusiasm was voiced daily in kindergarten class.

“I liked making gooey and colorful slime,” broadcasted Gabriel Radu.

“I liked to set up the balloon races and help the teacher. At first it didn’t work but we fixed it!” reported Jose Santos, a first grader.

“I thought our Chia seeds would have grown better if we kept wet paper on the seeds so they could soak,” suggested Benjamin Villalobos.

“I like doing stuff with everyone in class, even the science boards,” added Levi DiCamillo.

“I like my science experiment. I also liked making the ping pong ball catapult!” announced Eloise Hablutzel.

“The exercise video was the best, when we studied healthy choices!” affirmed Jackson Rego.

Currently, the young scientists are completing their scientific method presentation boards, which includes an array of experiments involving M&Ms, Skittles, pennies, balloons, water droplets, eggs, flour and salt, aluminum foil, pencils and gummy bears. These thrilling projects have enabled the budding scientists to learn about surface tension, static electricity, water displacement, calcification, surface area, acids, surface tension, refraction, polymers and much more.

Brighton Adventist Academy hosted their Spring Program showcasing the students’ scientific presentation boards on May 11, in the new Brighton Seventh-day Adventist Church annex. This event also included musical presentations from the fine arts department: K-4 choir, 5-10 beginning band, 5-10 advanced band, and 5-10 hand chimes. In addition, grades 5-8 art masterpieces were on display.

Jodie Aakko is principal of Brighton Adventist Academy in Colorado.