Our churches are filled with people of every age, but it doesn’t always seem so. Some churches seem to be filled with Baby Boomers, conservative in their values and rigid in their traditions. Some churches seem filled with youth, loud and energetic–possibly liberal.

It can seem like a church family has a good mix of generational diversity, but in as little as a decade, the youth grow up and leave a gap in the dynamic until more young families have kids and fill the church.

Is there anything we can do to bridge the gap between the older generations–many of whom built our churches with their hands and their paychecks–and the young people of the church who will become the leaders and the planners?

How important is it for the young people–growing into adulthood, getting married and raising kids, and leading out in ministries–to connect with the generation that came before them?

I’d say very important.

I’d say it’s important for the health of the church, but also the spreading of God’s truth and work throughout history.

One generation shall commend your works to another,
and shall declare your mighty acts.
Psalms 145:4, ESV

From the covenant with Abraham even up to 2022, every generation has built on the other. Believers in God, those who know the truth of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for humanity, and the founders and workers of the Christian Church–they’re all a foundation for future generations.

Why is it so important to bridge the generational gaps?

Because God will use His entire church to do His work, all of the parts of the  church needs to work together.

Because the Body of Christ is made up of twelve-year-olds, middle-aged career-types, empty-nesters, and retired.

Because everyone has strengths and weaknesses and can complement each other–if only they know each other and themselves.

A Sabbath prayer for

Father in heaven,

There is something about the name of Jesus that conjures the warmest feelings. I think of a child on the knee of Mary and I think of a man about my age traveling with a group of friends and ministering to people of all ages. When I think of Jesus I also think of my Heavenly Father, Mediator, and friend.

Lord, just as Jesus lived on earth and experienced all the things I have, the elder generations in my church have been where I am too. They have wisdom from experiences I haven’t had as well. I don’t want to stand in the way of them sharing your wisdom with me.

Help the ones younger than me to listen to my generation as I have sometimes failed to do with those older than me. Help us all to learn from each other–especially now, when the world is in a state of war and disease like it is.

Only you can offer the kinds of wisdom we need, and I ask Lord, that when You use others to share Your wisdom–I pray we listen.

In Jesus’ Name I Ask and Pray and Believe,