By now most schools across the country are back in session for fall semester. Most the schools in the midwest are back to school with only a small percentage opting for virtual learning.

By now sports teams are competing, bands are playing, and clubs are well underway. The school year has begun! Students have had their first 3-day weekend, and pretty soon will get their first report cards. Our local schools in Southeast Missouri are dealing with high numbers of absences and are close to transitioning back to virtual learning if a temporary mask mandate doesn’t bring up numbers. Students are dealing with chaos no matter where they go to school.

Whether your children are at boarding academies, public school, private school, or homeschooling in your den, won’t you stop now and pray for them?

Father in Heaven,

You love my children more than I love my children. You go with them where I can’t. I do what’s best for them as far as I possibly can, but it’s through You that I do all these things. You blessed me with them, Lord, now help me let them go. Help me support them. Help me love them. Help me, Lord, do what’s best for them.

I want my kids to experience life without a mask. I want their lives to return to normal. I want them to have the childhood I had. I want so much for my children, Lord. I worry so much over them. I am anxious for them. But it’s You, Lord, who takes care of us–of them. It’s You, Lord who protects us, who guides us, who created us!

Father, God, We want to dwell in Your presence so we can rest in Your shadow like it says in Psalm 91. You are my refuge and fortress. We trust You! I trust You and I want to model that to my children every single day.

Hide us under Your wings, Lord. You have command over an army of angels and they will guard my precious children because as much as they mean to me, they mean so much more to You. When I am unsure about the ‘next thing’ let me put my trust in You again.

Remind me when I forget, Lord. In Jesus’ Name I pray and ask and believe.