Thanks to answered prayers, the faithfulness of generous donors, and commitment from all of their church members, 2016 was a year of miracles for the Rolla Church in Missouri.

The church began the year with over $468,000 in mortgage debt. Then, during the first week of the year an anonymous donor gave $357,500 toward the debt. Excited about the possibility of freeing up financial resources for ministry, church members began to pray that God would reveal to them how the remainder of the debt could be paid off quickly.

Soon after, another donor stepped forward and agreed to match contributions given toward reducing the mortgage up to $35,000. This encouraged every member to get involved. Month by month, members watched in amazement as the loan balance came down and their goal appeared more and more attainable.

At the end of November, the Rolla Church celebrated debt freedom with a mortgage burning ceremony.

“We thought we had another 20 years of payments,” said one member. “We asked God to take care of it and lead us, and He did just that. Now we plan on expanding, not in a building but in His work to reach the community.”

Sandra Diaz is communications leader for the Rolla Church in Missouri.