Richardton church plant in Richardton, North Dakota, became Dakota Conference’s most recent church plant to request official church status on Feb. 16. Members assembled to enjoy a Sabbath of celebration with conference president Neil Biloff and the pastoral team and to sign as charter members before heading home due to the predicted record-breaking snowfall.

The Richardton church plant is one of a two-church district, which also includes Beulah Church. Pastor Terry Pflugrad and his wife Marie have served the Richardton group for two years.

Although finding the right venue can be both a spiritual and a logistical battle, the members of the Richardton church plant were able to find a small Lutheran church to rent.

Gary Messer, an Adventist building contractor, along with other skilled attendees, helped resuscitate the deteriorating, flood-devastated building with a new bathroom upstairs and carpet in the sanctuary. The kitchen, located in the basement, has been without water for years, but is now under re-construction with drywall, cabinets and other improvements.

Impacting neighbors

The group held its third annual Christmas in My Heart program at the community center in the neighboring town of Hebron. A religious cross-section of 130 people enjoyed and participated in the program, which included songs, poems and stories. Ten of the popular Christmas in My Heart books by Joe Wheeler were given as door prizes.

Every year the town of Richardton celebrates a Little Opry Days parade. In August, members handed out Scripture-inscribed water bottles and provided a religious concert. The local bank set up their stand nearby, bringing people to the location.

The members of the Richardton church plant have learned adaptability and have worked hard to make the group a success. This hard work has caused the church plant to take root and request official church status.