I like how in the Bible the book of Revelation tells us ahead of time what will happen in the future. It sounds scary maybe at first…but it’s so great to know that when the devil and all his followers that are raised to life, come to attack the people of God and the Holy City…that just before they attack or harm us, God sends fire to destroy the wicked. We hear so much about God raising the righteous back to life, but the wicked are brought back after the millennium too!

It’s a wild read in Revelation. There’s a lot to learn and understand. But it’s a relief to know ahead of time the future events that will take place. Even more encouraging to know is that God protects His followers. God is and always will be in control of the universe. God loves us and wants us to live with Him forever! It’s good news.

How easily I forget how strong our God is, who parted the Red Sea and allowed the waters to drown the Egyptian army, as they tried to go after God’s people who crossed safely on land. I get so focused on what is going on in front of my face or directly around me in the world, in life, that I often forget there’s a bigger picture than what I see happening right now. God is working to keep me safe from so many things I often don’t even know about.

There’s more to life than getting a paycheck and paying bills. Survival is important, of course. But let’s not forget who’s in control. We need to do our part and do what good we can in this life, but the things we can’t do God will take care of. “No weapon formed against you shall prosper” is the verse that I believe God wants me to remember. That goes for everyone who believes in God’s strength and mercy…”No weapon formed against you shall prosper” Isaiah 54:17. See also Psalm 27:1-3.

Allissa Morrison is a former student of College View Academy in Lincoln, Nebraska.  She grew up in Lincoln and attends church there. Alissa enjoys working in fast food.