Pastors, are you weary? Burdened? Drained?

Have you ever yearned to experience Jesus’ invitation, “Come unto Me, all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest”? We would agree that Jesus gives rest, but it may feel like a rather idealistic dream among the harsher realities of our daily existence.

Perhaps in the very yearning, God is enticing you. Perhaps your weariness IS the invitation. Perhaps He’s simply waiting for an emphatic ‘Yes” from your heart, because that’s where it begins.

Established in 2007, New Beginnings Ranch (NBR) is a retreat center situated in the grandeur and beauty of southwest Colorado. The guiding focus of NBR is providing a peaceful atmosphere to rest among the beauty of nature and connect with God.

In 2011, the NBR Board became aware of the need for a ministry geared toward pastors.

Renewed for Ministry is a unique experience for pastoral families facing the demands of an increasingly dysfunctional society. Utilizing the unique setting and solitude of NBR, these week long retreats will allow pastors and their families to relax, retool, and bond with other shepherd-leaders in ministry. With special programming for spouses and children, all members of a pastor’s family will have opportunities to rest and grow. This summer two retreats are being offered: June 18-24, and July 23-29, 2012.

The daily schedule will include family-friendly meal times, campfires, and adventure-based programming. Pastors can anticipate time to read, study and reflect in this outdoor sanctuary. Included throughout the week will be opportunities for ministerial shoptalk and individual counseling. Pastor Ron Kelly, Family Ministries director of Indiana Conference and pastor of Cicero church, and Pastor Ron Halvorsen, Jr., senior pastor of College View SDA Church, will present topics such as: Maintaining Emotional Strength, Avoiding Spiritual Compromise, Defining Yourself in Ministry, and Building the Body of Christ Through Conflict and Reconciliation.

If you are a pastor or know a pastor who would benefit by this life-changing week, please consider a gift to yourself or the shepherd of your local church. For more information, call your local Ministerial director or DuWayne Carlson (NBR manager) at 402.326.1808 or online at If you are not a pastor but would like to come apart and rest with God, there are programs at NBR for you as well.