Northwest Minnesota, Northeast North Dakota, and many more homes and places beyond, have been enriched and blessed by the all-too-short life of Rebekah Knapp. She died unexpectedly in a tragic car accident at the age of 41, her life touched by unnumbered others.

Rebekah was the oldest child of seven and took her energetic, can-do, big sister heart wherever she went. She delivered over 1,000 babies in her extremely busy, rural midwifery practice. Her care extended to moms of varied descriptions, social statuses, ages, belief systems and ethnicities. It is estimated that she drove 1,400,000 miles in her care for others during her 23 years of service. Each year she gladly held a baby birthday party for all the families she served. Rebekah was happy serving in the capacity to which God had called her.

Her knowledge of herbs and natural remedies was extensive and used freely in her practice. Yet she knew if a mother needed to transfer to a hospital and would take the necessary steps to make sure she got there.

Rebekah was willing to be paid in produce and eggs, if that is what her clients had. If a baby was delivered on Sabbath, she would not accept payment for that delivery. Her service extended into EMT; she was not afraid to give of herself in the messiest situations. Her life was truly her witness.

The strength of her parents’ Christian faith—in the wisdom, love and sustaining power of God—during their time of loss has been truly inspiring! Their influence on Rebekah’s life of faith is clearly seen, even in this tragedy. God is holding them close during this time and encouraging them with love and support from the community.

We, at Rebekah’s little church in Crookston, Minnesota, will miss her deeply. We have been richly blessed by her life of loving, willing service. In church she offered to help in any capacity that she was able: treasurer, song leader, and other roles. Praise God for the blessed hope we have of someday seeing her again.

Julianne Pickle and Eunice Jahn are members of the Crookston Church in Minnesota.