Twenty years ago, Pueblo First Seventh-day Adventist Church had the vision of saturating the radio waves over Pueblo, Colorado, with the Three Angels Message. The church felt a great need of having a 24/7 outreach ministry to the city and surrounding area.

Through much sacrifice, work and education, the church started broadcasting on Jan. 11, 2003. Under the dedicated leadership of the first radio president, Ron Cothran, and with only a few staff members, the first programs were lined up and long-lasting collaborations were established with Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Life Talk Radio, and Adventist World Radio.

On Jan. 21, 2023, Hope Radio of Pueblo celebrated its 20th year of broadcasting with Robert Peck, AWR representative, thanks to numerous local radio pioneers and supporting staff. During this time of memories and praises, Ron Cothran stressed the God-given unity that transpired as the church came together to purchase the frequency for low power radio broadcasting from the Federal Communication Commission. There was no lack of funds or dedication from church members to catch this opportunity.

Cotran commented, “On the day the switch was flipped and the broadcasting started, there was no outstanding debt for the radio.” Dan Hewill also reminisced about the beginnings of Hope Radio station, saying that he is “not anymore the same person from 20 years ago,” and that he saw the radio station as an opportunity to demolish the “wall of separation” between us and the community that surrounds us as a church.

Michael Baldauf, the broadcast engineer who faithfully served the radio station’s technical challenges through the years, emphasized how he was able to see God’s hand in the two-fold blessing of bringing the satellite down link and having the broadcast start on time come together in a miraculous way.

Delbert Hayden, current radio president, joined the celebration via ZOOM due to the health isolation his family is under. He said he couldn’t agree more with all the previous speakers, further emphasizing God’s leading hand in sustaining and supporting the radio station. He further commended more than two dozen individuals who were and continue to be directly involved in the support and running of the radio station. In addition, he said that none of what happened during the last 20 years was possible “without the sure guidance and love of the heavenly Father, whose desire is that all would be saved.”

The celebration culminated in the presentation of awards and gifts of appreciation to all involved through the years, followed by an inspiring talk by Robert Peck on the impact of the radio ministry throughout the world and a fellowship meal we all thoroughly enjoyed.

During the last three years, the radio station team has worked hard on creating a recording studio, upgrading the production side of the station with all new equipment and better software, and receiving professional training. Solomon’s proclamation is true: “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Prov. 29:18). Yet where there is vision for God’s mission to reach all for eternity, people are revitalized, revived and recruited into God’s mission. We pray here at Pueblo that many more will be reached for Christ through the radio waves. And we hope our story inspires others to do the same.

Anton Kapusi is pastor of Pueblo First Adventist Church.