The Pueblo First Church joined the community in issuing a statement condemning the planned bombing of Temple Emanuel, the Jewish temple in Pueblo, and delivered it to the synagogue leadership last November.

A dozen church members and leaders also attended the Shabbat Eve Service in solidarity with the Jewish community. Rabbi “Birdie” Becker led out during this gathering, the largest since Temple Emanuel’s opening in 1900. The synagogue had standing room only with many supporters standing in the foyer and outside.

“We stand in solidarity with you and the city of Pueblo in condemning the attempt to take lives and cause a deep wound in the fabric of our city,” stated Anton Kapusi, pastor of the Pueblo First Church.

Federal authorities in Colorado arrested a man accused of plotting to blow up the synagogue. The suspected bomber used several Facebook accounts to promote violence and show support for the Holocaust. He is in custody and charged with a hate crime.

The Adventist statement expressed rejection of hate and planned violence toward the Jewish community, and was addressed to the Rabbi of the Temple Emanuel and its members.

“We, at the Pueblo First Seventh-day Adventist Church … are deeply disturbed by the hate and planned violence this week on our fellow brothers and sisters in Pueblo’s Jewish community here in Colorado.”

The statement continued, “as Christians and followers of Jesus, we stand with Him in condemning white supremacist groups that spread racism, violence and fear. We pray that divine protection and peace would abide in you all, your homes and your synagogue and we pray for the day when all of God’s children, of all races, would treat each other with love and respect, rejecting bias and hate.”

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