Before heading to California for the winter Lloyd and Evelyn Crouchman (pictured, left), members of the Next Step Church in West Plains, Missouri asked neighbors to watch their house. While Evelyn was showing neighbor Bonnie Poe around, Bonnie noticed a bookcase containing a row of old VHS tapes. Bonnie asked what the tapes were about, and Evelyn replied that they were a series of programs about Bible prophecy called Millennium of Prophecy, filmed in 1999 and led by Amazing Facts speaker Doug Batchelor.

“Our TV signal quit yesterday,” said Bonnie. “But we can still watch videos. Would you mind if we watched these?” Evelyn told Bonnie that she and her husband, Calvin, could help themselves to the tapes.

And that’s exactly what the Poes did. They watched the entire prophecy series and showed up at the Next Step Church one Sabbath a couple of months later to see if our congregation believed the things they learned from Batchelor. I talked with them and they began attending regularly.

It was my privilege to baptize Calvin and Bonnie on June 22. Praise God that He can even use outdated technology to spread His Word and bring people into Christian fellowship!


Author Craig Wiles pastors the West Plains, Missouri district.