Who is a saint?

What exactly is a saint? We read about saints right after God’s three last-day warnings. So, it must be an appropriate question for those of us living in the last days. The three angels’ end their messages in Revelation 14:12 with this description of a saint:

“Here is the patience of the saints: here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.”

So, who does God consider a saint? What are the standards He uses to determine they are saints, worthy of eternal life? What is it that gives them the patience to wait for their deliverance in such an extremely stressful time in history?

A story of a rich, young ruler is found in three of the gospels. He came to Jesus asking how he could inherit eternal life. In other words, how could he be a saint.

Jesus answered by reminding him of the Ten Commandments, and even quoted some of them to verify which commandments they were—the only ones written with God’s own finger (Exodus 20:3-17).

The ruler was then asked to sell everything he had and come follow Jesus. This would have required a love and commitment that Jesus knew was lacking in his selfish heart. So, he went away sad and missed having the greatest experience of his young life, to have the kind of faith Jesus had.

The three angels’ messages, as we previously examined in Prophecy 104,was essentially a message Jesus would have given that rich, young ruler, searching for eternal life, if he lived in today’s troubled end times.

Instead of keeping the commandments and then selling everything we have, however, we are reminded to worship our Creator (Revelation 14:7), one of the commandments, and have faith in Jesus enough to follow Him. Therefore, in the end, keeping the commandments and having the faith of Jesus still says it all.

Could we honestly say, however, that Christians today are keeping all of God’s commandments, when the fourth one is forgotten by most of the Christian world, and another day, Sunday, has been substituted, instead of the seventh day? No wonder our all-knowing God told us to REMEMBER the day He made holy from the start.

So, let’s remember to keep ALL of God’s commandments, with the same love and faith Christ had and provides to us. Let’s give Him ALL our heart (Deuteronomy 11:13), not holding anything back.

Next week, in Prophecy 107, we’ll explore more about the Sabbath,

and how it may even contain the seal of God.