I don’t know about any of you, but I have always wondered why there were so many missionary stories of God working miracles in faraway places long ago. I never seemed to see God working them in my school here at home. I want to tell you of a miracle that happened here at Des Moines Adventist School this past summer so that you may see that God is good and is working still today.

These past few years at Des Moines Adventist School have seen a slow and steady increase in students coming to our school. We have gotten to the point where we cannot get enough parent drives to take all of our kids on a school field trip, and our last field trip of the 2022-2023 school year saw one of our teachers making multiple trips to transport students. We decided that we needed a bus. Something small and versatile, and above all, affordable! As many schools know from similar experiences, there is only a little extra money to squeeze out for a more significant purchase like this.

So, the teachers got together at the end of the year and prayed for a bus. I looked around and found one for $16,000 in Kansas City. It was an almost impossible number for us, even if it was reasonably priced for the market. Upon hearing our story, the salesman said he would give it to us at the trade-in value and lowered it to $12,500. Excited about the prospect of a bus, the teachers took it to the constituency meeting.

That very evening after the constituency meeting, I received a phone call from one person who was not directly affiliated with our school, and she said she had found us $ 6,500. Within the next four days, donors pledged $6300! Leaving us with more than required to purchase the bus. But that’s not all! It kept coming! Within a week, an additional $2,135 came in! And I received a message from the lady selling the bells three days later that she would be willing to sell us the bells for $4000! The money that came in would also cover the purchase of the bells!!! And with an additional $235 to go towards licensing the bus.
But the blessings didn’t stop there. Two people donated their time to come and drive the bus back to Des Moines, as I did not have my CDL license yet. And time and money were donated to fix the few things that needed maintenance. Multiple people are helping the teachers get their CDL licenses.

I could go into a lengthy theological discussion of why God decided we needed this miracle now. We said the right words, prayed at the right time or had the right people praying for us. But I think my key takeaway has been that “God is Good!” He wants us to pray! He wants to work with us! He wants us to align our plans with his. God is Good! And when evil deeds and wickedness fill our sight, He still wants us to remember He is good.

“We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us, and His teaching in our past history.” Ellen White CET 204

Those stories of miracles happening in far-off places and long-ago times aren’t meant to depress us about our current condition; they are meant to encourage us! They are intended to remind us that God is Good. So be encouraged, continue praying, and remember what God has done.

Karli Kuehmichel is principal of the Des Moines Adventist School.