Esteb Pierre, pastor of the Agape Haitian Church in Colorado, was ordained the afternoon of Feb. 24 in a full sanctuary. Held in the Aurora Church, the ordination was attended by members of both the Aurora and Agape Haitian churches.

Eric Nelson, RMC vice president for administration, told Pierre, “I see in you dedication, consecration, hard work, passion and evangelistic outreach.”

A native of Petit-Goave in southern Haiti, Pierre immigrated to the United States with his family in 2006. He has worked with the Rocky Mountain Conference since 2015, and contributed to doubling the attendance at the Agape Haitian Church.

Pierre comes to the RMC well qualified as a pastor. He has a number of degrees, including commercial administration, business administration and a master of divinity. He is also a native Creole speaker, and speaks English, French and Spanish. His professional experience includes working as a substitute teacher, chauffeur, maintenance supervisor, Spanish teacher, accountant and ADRA project coordinator.

Mid-America Union ministerial director Mic Thurber told Pierre, “We see Jesus in you and invite you to [be a] pastor [to] the world.” He added. “We’re ‘lashing you fast’ or tying you down securely as an ordained pastor,” which Thurber portrayed as a “way of life; not a temporary job assignment.”

With his wife Junia at his side, Pierre was surrounded by ordained pastors who gave him “God’s touch” through the laying on of hands during the ordination prayer. “We dedicate and consecrate you to lifelong ministry,” said Nelson during the prayer.

The Aurora and Agape Haitian churches celebrated his ordination with a Haitian meal served in Aurora’s beautifully decorated gymnasium.