The new Adventist Encounter Curriculum has been created for both elementary and secondary students to give them a solid, deep and personal knowledge of the truths of the Bible; to respond to Christ’s invitation to live a lifelong, vibrant relationship with Him; and to be passionate about the salvation of others.

Michelle Velbis, principal and teacher at the Pueblo School, says, “We had a textbook and a workbook with good information, but some of it didn’t apply or connect to the student’s lives today. I can personally attest that my students are engaging and reflecting with Scripture at a completely different level now.”

Initially developed by the Australian and New Zealand Adventist education departments, the Adventist Encounter Curriculum is for Grade 1–12.

Because other textbooks date fairly quickly, the only textbook for this new curriculum is the Bible. The Encounter units provide a list of activities, resources and a comprehensive teaching plan. The units can be updated as new resources arise and as needs change.

To challenge and stretch each student, multiple intelligences are used, giving them opportunities to grapple with topics and apply, analyze and create personal and practical applications.

Diane Harris, associate director of education for the RMC, says, “I hear over and over that using the Bible as a textbook leads students back to Scripture and reminds them of their place in God’s story.”