The current platform for Adventist Church Connect (ACC) and Adventist School Connect (ASC) will be changing. In early 2025, ACC/ASC will move to a new WordPress-based platform, replacing the existing functionality and giving us a new foundation to move forward providing websites and digital tools for all churches and schools across the North American Division (NAD).

SimpleUpdates, the company that has provided the software that currently powers ACC/ASC, will not be the software we use going forward. The NAD has reached an agreement to use the existing software until our new system is ready.

Through the transition, all existing ACC/ASC sites will continue to receive technical support in the same way things have happened in the past. Once the new platform is ready, all existing sites will be migrated.

The NAD has begun development of a new platform based primarily on WordPress which will be ready in late 2024 or early 2025. Brent Hardinge, Assistant Vice President for Digital Media, has been tasked with coordinating the development and migration. He has years of experience in website and systems development and design. This new platform will be hosted on the NAD Cloud.

The NAD will continue to provide the same high level of service and support for ACC/ASC that you have been receiving, with regular software updates, template selections, instructional videos, technical support, as well as the addition of new features as we work with AdventSource, Adventist Information Ministry, and the software development company.

What Should Churches and Schools Do Now?

Churches and schools need to take proactive steps to ensure a smooth migration. Here are some essential actions:

Assign a Website Manager:

  • If your church hasn’t already, designate an individual responsible for managing your website. This person should be familiar with the current platform and prepared to transition to the new system.
  • Make sure the correct contact information is up-to-date in the Name & Contact section of the Settings.
  • Ensure that this individual has all necessary login information for both the website and any associated services.

Secure Domain Information:

If your website uses a custom domain (e.g.,, make sure you have the login credentials for the domain registrar (e.g., This access will be crucial for making any necessary changes to domain settings during the migration.

Update Your Content:

Take this opportunity to review and update your website content. Fresh, accurate, and engaging content will make the transition smoother and ensure your site remains a valuable resource for your congregation.

By taking these steps, your church will be well-prepared for the switch to the new platform, ensuring continued online presence and effective digital ministry.

The original version of this story was posted by Adventist Church Connect.