Gwen 2Gwen Speak has accepted the invitation of the Mid-America Union Executive Committee to serve as the union’s associate treasurer, filling a position that has been vacant since Troy Peoples was elected vice president for finance.

“We were looking for someone who had a working knowledge of the general ledger software and/or had General Conference auditing experience to assist our conferences,” said Peoples. “Gwen has both, and I believe will be a great asset to both the MAUC office and our conferences with her knowledge in these areas.”

The Mid-America Union Treasury Department provides IT support for the general ledger software, and beginning in 2016 will also be supporting payroll software. Speak will begin her work for the Mid-America Union on Nov. 1.

Speak graduated from Union College in 1999 and worked five years as a lead auditor for General Conference Auditing Services, four of them in Mid-America territory. Since 2005 she has worked as the associate treasurer for the Dakota Conference, overseeing payroll and trust accounting, and preparing general ledgers and financial statements. She passed the Certified Public Accountant exam in 2002.

“I am looking forward to working with various conferences and other organizations in the Mid-America Union and getting to know the treasury personnel better,” said Speak. After she transitions to Lincoln this fall, she plans to resume her hobbies of reading, knitting, cooking, photography and walking her dog.