Granovita, the Inter-European Division’s Adventist food company, is introducing the Elianni brand of health food— organic, vegan, gluten free and kosher products—to the United States through its American agent Canaan Foods, LLC.

“Granovita has been exploring the possibilities of exporting our products into the United States since the 2010 GC session in Atlanta,” commented Oscar Bel, general director of Granovita. “The interest in our products during that GC session was so overwhelming that our supply allocated for the complete session was exhausted in three days.”

Granovita is an institution of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, founded in 1899 in Germany. It has since become an international institution with product placement in the top health food markets in the European Union. With management offices located in Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain, Granovita has strengthened its market presence. Granovita Spain seeks to increase its territory of distribution to the United States and the Caribbean.

As a successful Adventist food company, Granovita has invested considerable funds in evangelism and in fulfilling the mission of the Adventist Church through supporting the construction of local churches, donating food to ADRA, and other projects. Peregrin Asensi, one of the pioneers in the development of ADRA in Valencia, Spain, says: “Granovita’s continued support in providing food for our project to feed more than 200 people in need every day for the last 10 years has proven invaluable.”

Granovita found a strong alliance in Canaan Foods, a partnership of lay Adventist businessmen. Joel Nunez, president of Canaan Foods, said, “Our partnership with Granovita was a gift from God. Our company is constantly searching out and developing products that meet the Adventist health principles and we found them in Granovita.”

The Elianni brand includes Organic Vegan Pates, Organic Veggie Rolls and Veggie Cutlets as the initial offering to the U.S. market. Other products are scheduled to be introduced in the near future. Canaan Foods seeks to partner with the Adventist Churches in the United States to increase awareness health principles.

Granovita products are available through the Elianni brand at your local Adventist Book Center and a growing list of retail establishments throughout the United States.

For more information contact: Hilario Chine, sales and marketing manager, Granovita S.A.

or Elsie Gutierrez, vp of business development, Canaan Foods LLC

Phone: 1.813.263.3722.