The other day, I was thinking about life and philosophies and ethics and morals and Pop-tarts, but more importantly, about my blog! I’ve realized that you people out there, whoever you may be (aside from my mom), probably don’t know me very well. I’m a blog on the internet. There’s TONS of those, but you don’t know ME. So, I’m going to work on filling you in on the mind and life of Joshua Tyler  Marshall… here we go…

First off, my name… Joshua… what does that even mean?

I certainly didn’t march around Jericho and watch the walls come tumbling down, that’s for sure. I’ve ran around my school with my class in the dead of winter with snow on the ground, but that’s about the extent of my “building-marching”. So I definitely wasn’t named for my wall crumbling abilities. I haven’t done anything to earn my name at all. My Mom says she just liked it; it was a good Biblical name (Joshua was pretty awesome, you know), and it means “Jehovah is salvation” in Hebrew. Hummm… pretty neat, eh? Now, Tyler… I’ve been told that I was actually named that after my father’s best-est friend from High School. Tyler means “worker of roof tiles” in Old English. Well… that’s not super applicable to my life at this moment. I don’t do roofs, I don’t do tiles. Moving on, Marshall… makes me think of people such as Marshall Faulk… Marshall Mathers… I’m definitely not as good of a running back as Marshall Faulk, and I cannot lay down sick rhymes like Eminem. So what does my last name mean? Perhaps it has something to do with writing, or music, or acting. Maybe it applies to ME somehow! Low and behold… Marshall means “caretaker of horses”. Caretaker of horses?? Seriously??? I don’t even know how to RIDE a horse, and my name suggests that I take care of them! (I’ve never actually looked up all three of my names before. I’m learning as I write to you, reader :)My name doesn’t apply to me at all… D:

Alright. So what do I do with this?

Born with talents and gifts, and my name doesn’t even reflect them… how lame. I guess the only thing I can do is… “DEAL WITH IT. Stop whining around, Josh, you’re more grown up than that. Stop worrying about your titles and what people call you. You’re YOU! Do something with yourself. Forget the titles, forget the appearances, remember who you are.” <– my logical subconscious

There’s more than just meaning to a name. There’s more than just authority to a title. What’s being done with it? Are you smearing the title? Dragging the name through the mud? These are the names I’ve been given. And whether they mean”worker of tiles” or “caretaker of horses”, they’re MINE. I choose what I’m going to make “Joshua Tyler Marshall” mean. Does it make people smile when they hear it? Do people cringe at the sound? I guess that’s up to me :)