Journaling my prayers to God, my Abba, is an important part of my devotional life. I open my heart up to Him as a Friend and Trusted Counselor. There’s no safer place to be myself and work through all the conflicting emotions raging inside. Here is one raw selection. My babies were 3 mo and 18 mo old and I was convinced I would never sleep again. How do you talk to God? What questions do you bring to Him? What do you struggle with as a mom, or whoever you are? If you haven’t had an honest heart-to-heart with your God recently, maybe it’s time! You belong with Him! Janel R. Brasuell

April 7, 2010 Wednesday night

Dear Abba,

I’m adopted by You!


Oh my heart has expanded, my thoughts are full and I want so much to be… clear.

I’m overwhelmed again. Much closer connection with You sought. I long to breathe free, freely breathe the air of complete faith, total surrender, and unaffected (?) joy.

How? Will I ever be there?

How do I become all You want of me?

“You are.” I hear You whisper. But, “Lord Jesus”, that is too much love—do You really mean it?

Am I really OK in You?

Am I beloved, acceptable, welcome?

Why do I even question so?

Why do I live trapped?

Why are my thoughts so messed up?

Why am I paralyzed emotionally, mentally?

Where do I go for help?

Where do I run for refuge?

Will it ever get better?

Will my marriage become more intimate again?

Will I ever sleep again?

Even if not, I will love You and cherish You and cling to You all the days of my life!

Your Daughter

God’s answer: 2 Peter 1:2

“Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.”