Roy Weeden, pastor of the Sullivan, Bourbon and Owensville Seventh-day Adventist churches in Missouri and director/chair of Missouri VOAD (representing Adventist Community Services – Disaster Response) Sent the following notice to OUTLOOK:

I was digging around on the internet this afternoon and came across this YouTube video clip:

They got my title wrong in the programs that were presented but I had no idea that SEMA captured about 10 minutes of one of my two presentations that I did five times in the state where I spoke  before and after Governor Jay Nixon had spoken. While this presentation is not bad, it is also not my best work because the state trimmed my presentation to make room for other additional speakers and presented me with the modified version from my practiced original mere moments before going on stage. I would have just “winged it” but the slides had changed, too, and so I constantly had to check myself to make sure that what I said was actually what was on the screen behind me to the left!

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