For several years the Minnetonka Church in Minnesota has periodically invited the children of the congregation to a special service away from the adults. But on February 6, the children did something different. They stayed with the adults and conducted the service themselves.

Donna Thiher, Children’s Ministries coordinator, organized the service as a way to include all the children of the church, including those who do not attend Minnetonka Christian Academy. “I think it is important for the kids to be involved and participate in their church,” Thiher said. “If they are not involved as children, they will not be involved as adults.”

The service, entitled Love According to Kids, was based on 1 Corinthians 13, the scriptural theme for the last few children’s church services. The program included special music from all the children’s Sabbath schools (Cradle Roll to Junior), two skits, a puppet show, a youth praise team, and a mini sermon by youth member Carmen Chavez. The congregation also watched a short movie of children in the church responding to the question, “What is love?”

Thiher said many church members expressed how much they enjoyed the program and parents thanked her for opportunities to get their children involved in the service. According to Thiher, the kids enjoyed the experience as well. One of the children who was very nervous about going up front was all smiles afterward and told Thiher she was glad she had been part of it.

Minnetonka Church plans to make this an annual event in addition to the Children’s Church programs and the special service the Vacation Bible School participants put on each summer.

Michelle Lashier Rosas is communication director for the Minnetonka Church.