The Minnesota Conference is pleased to announce the hiring of six new pastors.

Gabriel Gutierrez the new senior pastor of the Minnetonka Church. Pastor Gabriel has been a pastor in the Greater New York Conference, the Rocky Mountain Conference, and is coming to us from the Northern California Conference where he has been the pastor for the Antioch Seventh-day Adventist Church. Much of Gabriel’s ministry centers on family, which is his greatest passion in God’s work. Gabriel and Rachel have been married for 10 years and have two children; their son Avraham is 4, and their daughter Noa just turned 2. Rachel also works for the North American Division Jewish Ministries, where she is marketing director. Pastor Gabriel and Rachel are thrilled to move to Minnesota and lay down roots here with their children.


Daniel Borja is the new pastor of the Minneapolis Hispanic district which includes the Minneapolis, Northeast, Northwest Metro and Hopkins churches and the Brooklyn Centerchurch plant. Pastor Borja has served in pastoral ministry for more than 12 years and is an ordained minister. He came from the Colombian Islands Mission where he served as San Andres North district pastor and as youth, evangelism and communication departmental coordinator. Together with his wife Joyce and his two children, Gabriel and Alai Daniela, he forms a strong ministry that inspires members to serve in all areas and capacities.




Edwar Ariza is the new pastor of the South Saint Paul Hispanic District which includes the South St Paul, Maplewood and East Side churches and the most recent addition, the AppleValley church plant. Pastor Ariza has served in ministry for more than 14 years and is an ordained minister. He came from El Alto Magdalena Conference where he has served as a district pastor and departmental leader for evangelism and church ministries. Together with his wife Marly and his three children, Daniela, Daniel, and Jose, they form a ministry team that serves the church through music and church ministries for effective service.




Marion Miller is the new pastor of the Detroit Lakes district which includes Detroit Lakes, Moorhead and Fergus Falls. Pastor Miller came to Christ along with his twin brother, Murray, while they were both troubled youth in jail. Having read the book Three Hours to Live, Pastor Marion decided to turn his life over to God in a desperate prayer. God amazingly answered that prayer and ultimately led both him and his brother into pastoral ministry. Pastor Marion loves to tell everyone his testimony and to share Jesus with others. He comes to the Minnesota Conference having served in the Dakota, Oregon and Carolina conferences. He and his wife Elva have two teenage children, Caleb and Candace. 



Paul Nguyen is the new pastor for the St. Paul district which includes St Paul First, St. Paul Eastside and Stillwater churches.  Pastor Paul came to us from Texas where he was an associate pastor and chaplain for over 20 years. He loves to do visitations and feels that it is vital to ministry. Pastor Paul and his wife Cathy have two children: Tiffany is 14 and Natalie is 10.

Alexander (Sasha) Bolotnikov is the new pastor for the newly formed district of Pathways and The Edge churches. He comes to us from the Oregon Conference with over 20 years of experience where he pastored two churches. He currently also works for NAD Jewish Ministries and has produced many documentaries about Israel for Hope Channel and 3ABN. He is an accomplished author, public speaker, and TV program director and is fluent in Hebrew, Russian, Ukrainian and English. We welcome Pastor Sasha, his wife Irena, and their 10-year-old son, Jacob.

Minnesota is so excited to have these talented and spirit-filled pastors and we can’t wait to see where God leads!



Karen Lewis is ministerial director of the Minnesota Conference.