RoboStangs, the robotics team from Mile High Academy, recently won second place at the First Tech Challenge Adventist Robotic league competition at Forest Lake Academy in Florida.

Robotics is a year-long elective class where students work together to build a robot to compete in this competition. The task given the robot this year was to move blocks and other objects to a three-tiered tower. The teams could also earn points by spinning a horizontal wheel that could be loaded with rubber duckies, and each rubber ducky they successfully got into the arena earned them points.

Reflecting on the event, MHA junior Seth said, “It was a really fun experience driving the robot, meeting other robotics teams, and talking to them about their designs. Our team did so much better than I could have imagined, and I am proud of the work we did.”

MHA went up against 11 other teams from all over the United States–from California to North Dakota. In the qualification round, MHA came in fourth, and from there, starting with first place, each team chose another team to form an alliance. MHA formed an alliance with the Senjus team from Raleigh, North Carolina, and worked together to place second in the overall competition.

The Robotics tournament was not the only exciting experience students had in Florida. They also spent time at AdventHealth Celebration, where doctors showed them new robotic technology that is revolutionizing the health industry. A favorite was the Davinci Robot, which allows doctors to do precise surgeries using robotic tools controlled outside the operation room. Students were able to try out the technology by playing a game of Operation using the robot. The Mustangs from Oregon won first place in this competition.

During the Lockheed Martin tour, students learned about the Orion capsule, among other space technology. That was followed by an afternoon at the Space Kennedy Center. Of course, there was a trip to the beach, where students played volleyball, played in the waves, and witnessed the Falcon Nine launch.

Remarking on the Orion capsule, Seth said, “Besides the competition, I really enjoyed seeing the Orion capsule up close and visiting the Kennedy Space Center. I am looking forward to the competition again next year.”

Trip sponsor Rebecca Berg, high school teacher and chaplain said, “I am unbelievably proud of the hard work and perseverance these students showed. Their fun spirits and positive attitudes made this trip enjoyable and memorable. As competitors, they were the epitome of our CHERISH core values, helping and cheering for the other teams. I look forward to next year, seeing them take on the next robotic challenge and the different challenges it will bring.”