More Than a Promise: The Everlasting Covenant as Presented Throughout History, by Dr. Hubert F. Sturges, traces God’s saving actions through Scripture and history to reveal the strategic steps the Father, Son and Holy Spirit took in fulfilling their continuing commitment to the human family.

A retired medical missionary, Dr. Sturges resides in Grand Junction, Colorado and has devoted much time to studying and writing about the covenant of God. After reading a paper titled “The Sabbath and Sunday” that centered around the covenant in support of Sunday worship, Sturges bought all the books he could find on the subject of the covenant written by Adventist authors and began a five-year study of the subject with the Bible as his textbook.

“Most [books] approached the covenant from the evangelistic, inspirational viewpoint, which is good,” said Sturges. “But they made no attempt to answer the hard questions in Exodus, II Corinthians and Hebrews. Those who addressed these hard questions each had a unique viewpoint. Generally, it seemed that Adventists have a somewhat dispensational viewpoint, yet at the same time trying to hold onto the law and the Sabbath. The bottom line is that this leaves us vulnerable to attacks on the law and the Sabbath.”

More Than A Promise is published by TEACH Services, and is available through their website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or local bookstores by request.

Author Alison Lopez-Ramirez is marketing coordinator for TEACH Services.