Logos Bible Software is launching a new line of base packages for Seventh-day Adventists. These suites of digital tools and texts combine Logos’ top-rated Bible-research and reference tools with a library of Adventist theology, history and practical resources for church life and outreach.

Logos—the world’s leading creator of Bible software and digital Christian products—hired retired pastor and editor Martin Weber to collaborate with SDA publishers and authors in providing resources for Adventists. With input from pastors, seminary professors and church leaders, Weber crafted three base packages—Starter, Bronze and Silver—stocked (in the Silver edition) with nearly 400 Bible study resources, 131 of them uniquely Seventh-day Adventist. (For a complete listing, see www.logos.com/SDAbp.)

Familiar Adventist books take on new functionality in the Logos environment, which connects volumes to each other and to Logos’ tools. All the content is fully searchable with Google-like specificity, in user-defined collections or within the larger Logos library, which includes 40,000 books.

All three base packages include cutting-edge SDA ministry and outreach materials, like the Lifting Up Jesus Bible study guides (English & Spanish), along with fresh church life resources like the AdventSource Youth and Young Adult Ministry Collection.

SDA classics republished by popular demand include New Testament Witnessing manual, the seven-volume Daniel & Revelation Committee (DARCOM) Series, and the annotated Questions on Doctrine. Among historic  documents are the 1919 Bible Conference Collection—never before published in its entirety—and the earliest SDA Mission Quarterlies (1912–1920), which provide fascinating insights into the Adventist world of a century ago.

Exciting new SDA resources include The Bible Jesus Interpreted (begun by Hans LaRondelle and finished after his death by friend and seminary colleague Jon Paulien), available exclusively from Logos. Paulien has other resources in all three SDA base packages. So does Mike Tucker, speaker/director of Faith for Today TV, who says: “As one who has come to rely on the quality of Logos in exploring God’s Word, I am thrilled that they are expanding the Seventh-day Adventist product line.”

These SDA resources augment the legendary Logos Bible Software engine (which powers Bibles, maps, lexicons and other language tools), replacing content not of general interest to Adventists (for example, lectionaries) with specifically SDA content.

Logos Bible Software operates across many platforms: Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and Android. With a single license, users can synchronize their content across as many devices as they own.

The new Logos SDA base packages empower pastors and lay members to fulfill the global initiative of the General Conference: “Revived by the Word.” Doug Batchelor, president/speaker of Amazing Facts Ministries, says: “As a pastor for over 30 years, I’ve tried all the major Bible study software; Logos is light years ahead of the rest. And now with their additional SDA resources…the search is over.”

With an introductory pre-publication discount, SDA base packages begin at $250 for the Starter edition. For complete information on all three editions, visit www.logos.com/SDAbp.

 News writer Martin Weber is SDA product manager for Logos Bible Software.