In 2011, the Guam-Micronesia Mission was reassigned from the Southern Asia-Pacific Division to the North American Division. GMM has 12 schools located on the many islands that comprise the territory.

Recently, each of the nine NAD unions “adopted” one or two of the schools. In order to facilitate a working relationship with the partner schools, the NAD Office of Education offered to sponsor a trip for up to three individuals from each union.

In January, Mid-America Union Conference president Gary Thurber, MAUC director of education LouAnn Howard, and MAUC associate director of education Gerard Ban traveled to visit MAUC’s two schools: Chuuk Seventh-day Adventist School and Paata Seventh-day Adventist School.

Many blessings, many needs

The schools in GMM are run primarily by student missionaries from our Adventist colleges and universities. There is no doubt that both the student missionaries and the students are being blessed in all kinds of ways by this experience.

On the main island of Chuuk the school has an enrollment of 167 students in grades K-5. The classes are taught by 8-10 student missionaries over two sessions. Due to the lack of additional student missionaries, the school is not able to offer more grade levels.

There certainly is not a shortage of available students, however! In fact, there is a waiting list for students who would love to be enrolled.

The MAUC team made a trip over open ocean in a small boat to the island of Paata. This two-hour trip was quite the experience in itself, thanks to the small open boat and the pounding waves! A small two-teacher school of 18 students is operated there. Unfortunately, the financial limitations of the families prevent more students from attending.

It is impressive to see the work that our student missionaries are doing. Not only do they teach the students academics, but they introduce them to Jesus and help them build personal relationships with the awesome God we serve.

The school personnel and students at these schools were so friendly and welcoming to the team. In spite of the many needs they have, it is apparent that God’s work is being done.

We ask that you join us in prayer for our partner schools’ young people and educators in Chuuk and Paata as we continue our work with them.


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Elder Gary Thurber told stories to the students at both schools.

Seventh-day Adventist School on Paata

The MAUC team prepares to embark on their open sea voyage to visit the Adventist school on the island of Paata.