Every year the Mid-America Union Office of Education coordinates an Academy Leadership Conference. This year the conference was held at Flag Mountain camp near Hill City, South Dakota, from Sept. 5-8. Over 60 students from six of our seven senior academies participated in the event, which is designed to give opportunities for students across the union to share ideas and learn how to become more effective leaders in their schools.

During his presentations, Pastor Christopher Morris from Mile High Academy in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, talked about the armor of God as found in Eph. 6:11-18.  God used Pastor Morris to touch the hearts of many students to bring about a renewing and excitement to put God’s will first in their lives.

It was inspiring to see how students accepted the challenge of leadership, to experience the friendships formed, and to witness the connections made with God.

Plans are underway for next year’s conference, in collaboration with the MAUC Youth Department.

Gerard Bann is associate director of education for the Mid-America Union.