On April 22, 2021, the Mid-America Union Executive Committee met virtually for its regularly scheduled meeting. Below are highlights from the reports that were presented.


Preparing for Constituency Sessions

  • KS/NE August 29
  • MAUC September 12
  • IA-MO September 26
  • Minnesota (Date to be determined)
  • Preparing for GC Session in St. Louis, MO, June 2022 and 2025
  • Promoting and supporting Union College
  • Filling our Church Ministries director position
  • Supporting conferences as schools and churches prepare for post-COVID reality
  • Assisting RMC with their presidential search
  • Supporting our conferences’ stewardship programs


  • International Camporee to be held in 2024 in Gillette, Wyoming
  • Central States Conference Constituency Session report
  • Ed Barnett to retire from RMC in August
  • New conference vice presidents of administration
  • NAD elections held April 29
  • AdventHealth addresses COVID concerns
  • Union College reveals new branding initiative
  • New GC treasurer and secretary elected




2020 was a year of contrast. We had major unknowns starting in the first quarter of the year with the outbreak of COVID-19. Our largest unknown from a treasury standpoint was where tithe would end up. Some throughout the NAD were thinking we could be as far down as 25% for the year in tithe. Then we had our office needing to comply with local COVID-19 requirements for a few months back in April and May, which meant employees working remotely if they could. Many programs had to be postponed or canceled out right and travel basically came to a stop. We learned what it meant to attend meetings remotely.

The contrast to those major unknowns turned out to be that the members of MAUC local churches were incredibly faithful in finding a way to continue to support their church. The final tithe figure in December 2020 was a tithe gain of 0.05%. That is nothing short of a miracle. Even with the union giving back to the local conferences $584,730 (the equivalent of 1% of their gross 2019 tithe) the union ended the year with a $157,183 gain.

The reason for this gain, even with the COVID-19 relief money the union was able to send back, is based in a large part on the fact that we budgeted conservatively at 95%, actual tithe came in at 100% of the previous year, and with meetings being canceled there comes related travel expense savings. Medical ended the year positive, although not by a huge amount, and we had several open positions for parts of the year that helped save salary cost.

We have been able to allocate money for all the projects we as a committee had voted to do. There are some new programs we will need to start saving for, such as GC and related outreach programs, Pathfinder camporee, and several NAD wide meetings coming to our territory in the next few years.

The bottom line is: God is good, and still in control even when we can’t see the end from where we sit.



The Office of Education is pleased to share with the Executive Committee our overview of the denominational certifications and educational degrees for Mid-America Union Conference administrators and teachers. This report is evidence that the educators in Mid-America Union are dedicated to meeting the requirements of a professional educator so they can share Jesus through character development, as well as preparation for Christian service. In the development of the young person’s mind, we are also developing a broader scope—showing the importance of an Adventist education in a safe and spiritual environment to the young people of our union.











—LouAnn Howard, Education director
—Gerard Ban, Associate Education director


2021 First Quarter Highlights

MAUC 10 Days of Prayer 2021 started off in prayer! Every conference’s Prayer Ministries team rallied and provided leadership for prayer opportunities throughout the conference territory on January 6-16, 2021. Each conference participated in a 30-minute LIVE online broadcast on the OUTLOOK magazine social media platforms inviting viewers to pray and dedicate their lives to Christ. Over 8,500 viewers were reached.

Summer Camp Recruiting was an interesting feat this year. Each camp is making plans for an in-person experience. To fill the positions, we were able to have a Recruiting Fair at Union College in January, along with a virtual recruiting fair sponsored by the Association of Adventist Camping Professionals. Camp directors are still making final decisions of individuals to employ, but are optimistic that this summer will be better than last year.

MAUC Pathfinder Bible Experience Our Pathfinder ministry took a major hit because of the pandemic and not being able to meet in person. We worked with our North American Division Pathfinders Ministries to provide the Pathfinder Bible Experience virtually. In February, 12 teams from across our union signed on to be challenged on the biblical knowledge they studied. All the teams placed in the top three positions. Let’s congratulate Mountain Experience (Central States), College View (Kansas-Nebraska), Ankeny (Iowa-Missouri), Light of the World (Minnesota), Aurora (Rocky Mountain), and Lees Summit (Iowa-Missouri).

NAD Momentum Youth Sabbath School during the month of March featured the Mid-America Union. Youth, youth leaders, and pastors preached, led Sabbath school discussions and provided special music. You can go to the NAD Youth Ministries social media platforms to see the broadcasts.

—Roger Wade, Church Ministries director


Something Interesting About Pastors in Mid-America Union

As I was beginning the planning for our upcoming Mid-America Union Interns Retreat which will take place this fall, it came as a surprise to learn that nearly 1/3 of our pastoral work force in Mid-America Union is made up of pastoral interns.

Over the last few years, NAD Ministerial has been telling us that about half of working pastors are going to be eligible to retire over the next 10 years. It’s great to know that the conferences in the Mid-America Union are ahead of the curve in making sure there are a large number of pastors who can continue to serve for years to come.

May their vitality and passion for Christ be a blessing to us all!

—Mic Thurber, Ministerial director


The Communication Department is accomplishing the priorities of our strategic plan by continuing to inform, influence and inspire Mid-America’s constituents. Since last November, we have:

  • Produced 5 issues of OUTLOOK magazine (mailed to approximately 24,000 households per month)
  • Produced the “What’s Your Story?” series with Gary Thurber and friends
  • Hosted 4 communication training sessions during the virtual MAUC Church Ministries Convention in March
  • Spent 3,447 minutes recodring/editing/producing video
  • Established the Mid-America Union Communicators private Facebook group to supprt communicators within our territory.
  • OUTLOOKmag.org garnered 176,428 page views between Oct. 2020 to March 2021
  • myOUTLOOK enewsletter increased the number of subscribers to 1,554 (up 93 subscribers in 6 months).
—Brenda Dickerson, Communication director
—Hugh Davis, Associate Communication director


We will all remember 2020, not only for the cancelations but also the many miracles God did during the pandemic as we kept spreading Jesus’ love in our communities—but virtually.

During a year when the majority of the churches were closed, from the Hispanic Ministries Department we helped coordinate:

  • A/V classes to help pastors improve lighting, audio and video to better serve congregations
  • Union-wide seminars for lay members on how to be missionaries on social media
  • Many evangelistic series by pastors and lay members together (21 baptized on one Sabbath)
  • Small groups being formed or revitalized
  • An increase in tithe and offerings
  • The planting of a new company
  • An online program with all Hispanic coordinators, hearing members’ testimonies from all five conferences and praising the Lord together with a renewed spirit of joy and humbleness and assurance of the Lord’s leading.

Even though the future is still unknown, we know God takes care of His people.

—Roberto Correa, Multi-Language, Disabilities, Hispanic director


Women’s Ministries is about supporting women both in the church and in the community. When COVID really became a problem, it made us realize we had to do things in a new way. Our retreats were just around the corner and how to manage getting together for spiritual renewal and fellowship was upper most in our mind. Every conference managed some very special events, we had retreats, Bible studies, classes, and special surprises.

We just finished participating in the MAUC Ministries Convention, where we had a variety of seminars on prayer, depression, scamming, preparedness, mentoring, grief, and surrender. We offered seminars in both Spanish and English.

COVID has been a challenge and yet we acknowledge it has also been a blessing. We know that we can adapt and serve Jesus in a whole new way. Zoom has made it easy to be connected with women we have never connected with before. We are thankful to serve in a new way.

—Nancy Buxton, Women’s Ministry director